Wouldn’t it be great if there was an organisation that could help you to bring back the exhilarating sights and sounds of nature to your garden?


The Wildlife Garden Project are a volunteer organisation who dedicate themselves to helping you do your bit to create the right conditions and encourage wildlife to your garden.

They provide support in the form of various types of resources and tools, in order to help you play your part, however small. Feel free to donate to this talented team who work tirelessly to benefit all of us.

Please watch and share this great video footage below – Help us and “The Wildlife Garden Project” to turn your garden into a safe haven for the great British hedgehog


Help the Hedgehogs and Help Your Garden!

Unfortunately hedgehog numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate





Wildlife Watch!




Wildlife Watch

Wildlife Watch

This is about all of us working together to enrich our lives by telling others about what wildlife we’ve seen and sharing with others what we’ve seen. The more unusual or surprising, the better.

We would love you to help us out with this by:

  1. Letting everyone know via our comments at the bottom of this page which wildlife you’ve seen – when you saw it – what was their reaction?

  2. Please email your wildlife pictures to us


Comment Options: (1) There’s a green button called “Post Comment” (2) There’s a blank comment box above that

The best pictures could appear in this blog at some future date and we would give you full accreditation.

You can make a positive difference by making your garden more wildlife friendly regardless of what size it is.


What’s In it For You!


Mind Blowing Gardening Facts!



Reference: Nature.com Journal, see full results


More Mind Blowing Gardening Facts!




Straight forward definitions of Gardening Terms

Take the Gardening Quiz Challenge

Take the Gardening Quiz Challenge

Have a bit of fun and see how you get on!

Our gardening quizzes are a great way of learning more about gardening, they are fun & give you the opportunity to pit your wits against our Question Master, George.

All the information can be found fairly easily on our website from the following areas:

Particular Web page content – Particular Blog Content – Our various videos – Gardening glossary definitions, as well as:

You can also issue challenges when sharing your quiz results



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#1. How Many Varieties of Tomatoes are There? ? You can find the answer in the section, Mind Blowing Gardening Facts

#2. Who are the Wildlife Garden Project?

#3. How Many Spines does a Hedgehog Have? ? You'll find the information in our "How to Help Hedgehogs" Video

#4. What is Beneficial Pest Control?

#5. What are one of the Benefits of Aerating your Lawn?

#6. If a Tree Surgeon Employs Staff What Requirement are they Bound by Legally? ? You'll find this information in our Blog "12 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Tree Surgeon"


Really Useful Information



Save Water Save Money logo

This is a great scheme run by Severn Trent Water, take a look at their water saving ideas & products for your garden & their water efficiency tips advice

Ethical Shopping

Check out Sound Bites if your serious about organic food and products that are environmentally friendly

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  1. Did you find our hints and tips and gardening facts useful?

  2. Do you have any stories or experiences you want to share in connection with what we’ve mentioned above?

  3. Do you have any stories, comments or pictures you are particularly proud of that you want to share regarding any wildlife sightings



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